Sitio Desarrollo



To design is our passion, and our objective is to translate the necessities of our customers in projects in harmony with nature that endure over time, functional and with a mystique that captivates the senses. We believe in a Costa Rican contemporary architecture through the use of elegant roofs, ample eaves and terrace-gardens. In each project we seek for incorporate the use of natural materials using the stone as the skin that protects us and unites us with the environment. Wood is a material that provides warmth, and allows us to create friendly spaces. In addition to this, we use glass as an innovative and modern material that connects us with the external nature building creating an architectural work with pure geometrical shapes, with its roofs in harmony to transmit a sense of peace and quiet in order to improve the quality of life of people.

Our experience allows us to choose a versatile design which adapts itself to the necessities and the particular context by exploring different types of designs: residential, educational, commercial, industrial, sport-based, among others.