Our Firm

andres_moralesAndres Morales Architects is a design and business advisory global company, founded in l997. Our enterprise has acquired experience in the design and development of projects in Costa Rica and in Rome, Italy, next to the Itaca Group, for more than 15 years. We have a highly trained interdisciplinary team, which includes architects, engineers, designers and administrative personnel, all of them engaged in the continuous improvement of the quality of the processes and satisfaction of our clients in every one of the projects.

We believe that our larger impact in the world is to plan and design for a sustainable future; nature is the inspiration to create our works, and therefore, our projects are designed in such a manner to cause the minimum possible environmental impact, attaining a balance between the development of one site and the conservation of the environment.

Our company offers services of Architecture, Urban Development, Landscaping, Internal Design, Construction and renewable energy.